Organic Virus Inhibitor
 VIRUS Table of use
Ref: Tisserand Institute Table 6

Every human being remains highly susceptible to viruses, regardless of the fact that they are common or deadly. Viruses of all forms are anywhere and everywhere nowadays. Every individual being, from the very young to the very old must be protected against the attack of viruses.

Try our new aromatic virus inhibitor V-103. V-103 contains aromatic benzenic cored molecules extracted from Cassia plant. The product kill viruses but are absolutely not harmful to human beings, in contrary to inorganic disinfectants that contains chorine dioxide or silicic acid.

V-103 is naturally aromatic, whereas deodorants are usually used in conjunction with disinfectant to mask off the pungent odour from the active ingredients. Proper application of V-103 would help to stop the transmission and spread of viruses. The anti-viral properties of V-103 are scientifically evaluated with internationally adopted aromatogram technique. This product is a water-based formulation and contains no industrial solvent/alcohol/aerosol.

Suitable to apply in schools, classrooms, lecture halls, studios, domestic homes, nursery, clinics, lavatories, childcare centres, kindergardens and all public places. No pungent volatile chemicals, non poisonous and environmentally harmful or unfriendly substances are contained in V-103.



Can be diluted 50 times and still as effective. Do your sums, that is a lot of value in 1 bottle! 1 bottle = 50 bottles


OBC test report

Testing shown that OBC is effective in 99.9% killing of both Gram-negative rod shaped bacterium E.Coli (responsible for food poisoning) and Gram-positive round shaped bacterium S. aureus (causes pneumonia, meningitis)

Made in Singapore. A product you can trust!

Model: EM-334
Content: 5L or 1L

Description: ENTA Odour & Bacterial Control

OBC is an excellent anti-microorganism germicide/ disinfectant that gets rid of stubborn foul odours easily in an instant. This non-toxic, highly concentrated triple-action solution cleans, disinfects and deodorises. After application, it also aid in reduction of flies, cockroaches, rats and other pests.

OBC can control odors in sewage plants, septic tanks, lagoons, aerators, sewer mains, and laterals. Use it to neutralize odors in drain fields, landfills, equestrian, dumpsters, chicken farms and trash cans as well as getting rid of dead rat smell, urine smell. Preferred by building contractors, event organizers, medical clinics, childcare/ elderly care personnels, hotel managers, farmers, sewer treatment personnel, and even homeowners.

Note: ** Do not discharge into waterways, ponds or reservoirs.

Hot favourite for prevention of influenza.

Key Features:

Preferred by Professionals in the application to the followings;

For home, industrial and commercial use.

Kills virus and bacteria using electromagnetic wave. Reduce the risk of inhaling airborne microorganism.  Extremely effective in the removal of odours from cigarette smoke, urine, body odours, sewage, mildew, contact glue, fresh paint, and often used to freshen up confined areas such as hotel rooms, meeting rooms and also cabins of planes & ships.

Portable Vehicle Virus Airboizer (DC 12V)

If you remain in an air-conditioned vehicle, and one person inside is sick, germs can circulate and spread within seconds.

Sterilize for 10-15 minutes. Easy to use, just plug it to the cigarette lighter socket.

Air is sucked into the chamber of the Vehicle Virus Airboizer and its ultraviolet rays kill viruses and bacteria, releasing sterilized air within seconds. This process will continue for 10-15 minutes until all bacteria, viruses and moulds causing unpleasant smells disappear.

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