Portable ULV Fogger (NEW)

Product Features

Model: ULV-300

Used power : AC 220V, 50~60Hz

Power Consumption : 600 W

RPM : 26000RPM

Droplet Particle Size : 10~30 μm

Spray distance : 15m

Cable length : 8m

Weight : 2.5 kg

Chemical tank capacity : 4.5 L

Body Material : Plastic / Acetal (Polyoxymethylene)

Others: Very silent motor

Description: ULV 300 Mister
ULV300 is a electric "cold" ulv fogger that works with oil and water based products. Use this electric portable applicator (ULV/Mister) wherever aerosol particle sizes are needed.This versatile mister is enough to handle both small and large areas.

It will dispense
ultrafine droplets of insecticides, disinfectants, germicides, and deodorizers. Use it in homes, restaurants warehouses, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, greenhouses and other locations.

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