House Lizards (Geckos)

Geckos are insect-eating lizards found in almost every household in this part of the world. Geckos have pads on its toes which enable it to cling even to smooth surfaces or stay inverted on ceilings. These pads consist of rows of plates (lamellae) covered with thousands of microscopic hooklike projections (villosities) that catch into any minute surface irregularity. They can be considered beneficial, for their insect-consuming diet. However, they can become a pest themselves. Their droppings soil the walls and contaminate exposed food. They love to nest inside drawers and their eggs are often found with undergarments.

Wet feet (non-toxic)lizard repellent

Wet feet is a water-based house lizard (geckos) repellent. It is colourless, odourless and is non-toxic to both lizards and human. Wet feet is specially formulated to keep these reptiles away from the treated areas. Once the toe pads of a lizard comes into contact with any surfaces pre-treated with wet feet, the microscopic hooklike projections (villosities) are attacked and the lizard loses its grip as a result. The reptiles will learn to take a different route afterwards.


CONTENT: 450ml

Model: EM-191


EMIT LIZARD/GECKO Spray is a ready-to-use aerosol light foam spray formulation. When sprayed, it generates a fine misty foam with a pleasant fragrance that adheres/penetrates wood, fabric, and porous material to give a residual effect of 4 weeks. Regular spraying is essential to recharge the repellency effect as it will wane under sunlight and thru daily diffusion to the surrounding.
(Test spray at inconspicuous area to check for staining before mass application)

TARGETS: House Lizards & Geckos

CONTENT: 450ml

• Prallethrin..................................................0.5% w/w
• Deltamethrin.............................................0.25% w/w
• Determined as Non-hazardous................99.25% w/w
TOTAL .........................................................100%

Control House lizards & geckos. Suitable for use in homes, barracks, caravan, factories, warehouses and tents.

Factories, warehouses, homes, and restaurants are often good hiding places for house lizards. They like to climb on walls with a bright light source as it attracts insects.
(1) This formulation contains a potent blend of pyrethroid that is excellent against all types of common house insect pests.
(2) This formulation contains a natural blend of essential oils and coats the sprayed area with a bitter and spicy taste. These bitter and spicy oils affect their olfactory glands and act as a barrier to prevent entry & nesting.
(3) Walls sprayed with the formulation will have a significant reduction in insect activities. No insect activities mean no food source for the house lizard and it will go to other places where abundant food source is available.

Shake Well Before Use.
Shake can well. Hold the can 15-20cm away from the surface and spray a 30cm band to the edges of the wall.
Lightly spray the wall surface with a layer of fine mist.
Do not spray until runoff or dripping.
Do not touch or sit directly on treated surfaces.
DO NOT spray on areas frequent by your children and pets.
Your children and pets could safely return when the formulation dries. Usually, it takes around 1~2 hour for it to dry.

During Maintenance, spray twice per month.
Increase spraying after rain or in dusty environment.

** EMIT Lizard/Gecko spray doesn‘t focus on treating the lizards directly, instead we are simply encouraging them to go somewhere else by removing their food sources, bugs and insects. Rain or dusty environment will greatly lower the product‘s efficacy.

Will the house lizards/ Geckos be killed after spraying?
Lizards/ Geckos will not frequent the walls sprayed with the formulation, and it is repelled by the spray due to the presence of essential oils like Geraniol and Eucalyptus.

Will it harm my children and pets after spraying?
Children and pets are safe to return and use the rooms 2 hours after application.

House lizards/ Geckos’ activity is still high after spraying.
(1) Sprayed coverage area is too little. Spray to cover more areas and pay attention to picture frames where they like to hide behind them.

This product is an excellent tool to control/prevent/reduce unwanted house lizards and geckos.

Do note that direct sprayng onto the lizards and Geckos will harm it.

These creatures are part of the eco-system and should be left alone if it does not pose any danger to you.

NOT SUITABLE for polished wood, painted surfaces, leather or arcylic plastics. Test small area of sensitive surfaces for staining before wide scale application.

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