(With more than 35 years of successful experience in helping Singaporeans homeowners control Bedbugs)

You can save tons of money by DIY bed bug treatments. We have been successfuly helping home owners to control Bedbugs for 35 years and counting with our step-by-step guidelines, you can both successfully get rid of bed bugs and save money.

For complete bed bug control, you will need bed bug control products, patience & hardwork and a strategy to get rid of them. Please call if you have any questions.

Remember to treat all furniture around the bed. Adult females have a tendency to disperse away from primary harbourages as the population increases. Bugs and eggs that escape treatment are often the CAUSE OF CONTROL FAILURE and set the stage for population rebound.



Model: Potion 3

  • With fast de-mobilizing action.
  • Provides quick relief to bed bugs’ attacks during sleep.
  • Rapidly knockout bed bugs before they can bite.
  • Extra knockout strength.


Non-restricted bed bugs’ pesticides are virtually non-toxic and are safe enough for home use. Non-restricted pesticides kill by contact action, which means the insect must come into contact with the pesticide for effectiveness. Generally, as the insect gets into contacted with the pesticide, it takes several minutes before the insect begins to respond to the pesticide’s killing action. It may take an hour or more before the insect is finally dead. Too often the delay results in several bites before the insect is eventually dead.
This formulation can provide quick relief to such bed bug attacks. When active bed bugs come into contact with the surfaces pre-treated with the formulation, the insects will be demobilized almost instantaneously. Subsequently, the killing action can take place while the insect stays paralyzed. The bed bug has no chance to carry on with its biting.

Model: "POTION 10"
EMIT BEDBUG "POTION 10" Aerosol Spray Foam Insecticide
Bed bugs “Potion 10” is a ready-to-use water-based aerosol foam formulation. When sprayed, it generates a clearly visible thin wet foam to cover areas affected by Bed bugs. This product can be used to control Bed bugs where they are found or suspected. Suitable for use in, on, and around baseboards, carpet, rugs, bed frames, box springs, headboards, wheelchairs, closets, furniture, seats, picture frames, luggage, and walls that are subjected to attack by or provide harbourage to insects.

Bed Bugs, Dog Ticks, Dust Mites, Bird Mites
CONTENT: 450ml

FOR USE: For indoor use in non-food areas of Residential, Commercial, Government, and Military sites such as homes, apartments, hotels, motels, dormitories, barracks, hospitals, shelters, offices, airports, theaters, nursing homes, sports and entertainment facilities, retail stores, schools, restaurants, and the interior of transportation equipment including cars, vans, buses, trucks, military equipment, trains, ships and airplane cargo holds, Hotels, KTVs, Senior & Child care centers.
Ideal for:

  • Getting rid of small biting/blood sucking Bedbugs in the premises.
  • Getting rid of bed bugs, crawling insects pests in KTVs, motels, warehouses, short stay premises.

Firstly, upon contact with Bed Bugs, the foamy solution breaks down the oily outer skin of Bed bugs, allowing rapid penetration of the Active Ingredient.
, the Active Ingredient rapidly paralyzes Bed Bugs’ central nervous system. Bed bugs could not carry on normal functions such as feeding, movement, and dies.
, the foamy solution will slowly disintegrate, forming a protective residual layer killing Bed bugs as they crawl across.

Shake Well Before Use.
BED/CHAIR/SOFA/COUCH TREATMENT: Remove any detachable mattress/cushion cover. Spray entire surfaces of the furniture frame, mattress, and cushion. Foamy mist allows easy visibility of coverage. Switch to the straw applicator for crack and crevices application. Allow the treated mattress/cushion to completely dry before putting back a fresh cover. Apply as a light mist foam to the entire side of the mattress/cushion, penetrating seams, tufts, and folds. Do not sleep or sit directly on treated surfaces before drying. The insecticide will not kill eggs of Bed bugs as the outer shell is impermeable to insecticide. The only available treatment is to kill the nymphs after they hatch. Existing eggs will hatch within these 2 weeks. Repeated applications during the first 2 weeks (2 to 3 days interval) and subsequently 2 more weeks (5 to 6 days interval) are crucial to bring the infestation problem to a complete rest.
** Note: Remember to treat all furniture around the bed. Adult females have a tendency to disperse away from primary harbourages as the population increases. Bugs and eggs that escape treatment are often the cause of control failure and set the stage for population rebound.

Please cover all fish tanks and bee hives. All Pyrethroid based chemicals are toxic to fish (aquatic life) and bees. Do not contaminate ponds, waterways and ditches.

What's in the box?

What's inside the box?

Key Point: "EFFICACY"

100ml Concentrate Bottle


(BOX "B")

New form of Crystals - Faster acting Imidacloprid

Photo credit: Xiaolong Zhu (NYU)

Crystals forming in solution

Spray onto Bed


Model: BOX B


We bring you pest solutions in a simple box.

We understand your despair when dealing with bedbugs. Most people ask, why does it keeps coming back? Why can't it just die and stop?

We bring you Solutions in a box!

The answers are really quite simple.

  1. Not all bed bugs are killed. A missed female bed bug can lay as many as 5-7 eggs in a day and will again grow into another colony in a matter of months. (That is the reason that our solution comes in a 4L bag. A small off the shelves 200ml bottle of solution simply does not have enough coverage to address a bed bug infestation. You really need to be diligent and spray "ALL AREAS" thoroughly. Most of the time, people spray only parts of the bed and thinks that it will stop the infestation. This is not true. Bed bugs can hide anywhere in the bed, box spring, surrounding furnitures, behind picture frames, curtain, wall trimmings & skirtings and spread to other rooms. A 4L quantity will have enough coverage to cover all parts of the room.)
  2. The spray kills only the current batches of bedbugs. However, the eggs from the previous batches are not killed. New nymphs emerged and will again grow into another colony in a matter of months. (Solution: Use an insecticide that offers residual protection. New nymphs that emerged will be killed upon contact with the active ingredient crystals)
  3. You have a habit/ritual of visiting a certain place (Library, office, cinema, parent's house, friend's house), or take a usual bus, vehicle that has bed bug infestation. It is not that the bed bugs don't die but a reinfestation due to re-introduction. New batches of bedbugs hitchhike attach themselves to luggages, clothings, shoes, laptops, personal belongings, (Solution: Use an insecticide that offers residual protection. New nymphs that emerged will be killed upon contact with the active ingredient crystals)

To solve this, you need to apply a residual based insecticide that will offers continuous lasting protection (residual protection) after application and yet safe to spray on indoors on beds.S

PEST BOX “BOX B” Active Ingredient, Imidacloprid SL is an high efficacy neonicotinoid formulation, Specially formulated to deliver safe (can be sprayed on beddings), effective and dual mode of action killing ( kills bedbugs by both contact and ingestion) of bed bugs that last for months (residual action)!

Unlike other imidacloprid, it has a new crystalline structure bring you up to 9X faster effects. Imidacloprid is part of the family of neonicotinoid insecticides, which act on the central nervous system of insects by binding to the same receptor as nicotine. When Bedd bugs crawl on surfaces sprayed with imidacloprid, the insecticide molecules are absorbed from crystals through their feet, disrupting their nervous systems and killing them.


100ml Concentrate contains 20% Imidacloprid A.I.
Dilute to 4L Sprayer bag)
After Dilution, 0.5% of Imidacloprid per 4L of solution


  • For use indoors (in bedrooms)

Ideal for:

  • Places where a high level of "EFFICACY" is required.
  • Places you are dealing with bed bug issues and would want a solution that works.

Not For:

  • Direct spraying to food products.
  • Direct spraying to pets and animals.
  • Direct spraying to linens, blankets, cushion covers. (These should be bagged and washed at high temperature)

Firstly, once bed bugs contacted the active ingredient, it paralyse their central nervous sytem (meaning no more biting & sucking blood).

Secondly, it offers residual protection, killing remaining bedbugs as it crawls over the sprayed area.

Supreme B dries to form micro-crystals which get ingested by bedbugs as it grooms. The more comprehensive the spray coverage, the higher the efficacy. Thus spray as many places as possible where bedbugs roam. Beddings and furniture are safe to use once it dries.

Photo credit: Xiaolong Zhu (NYU)


  • Put on nitrile gloves. (Provided)
  • Put on safety goggles and face masks. (Own)
  • Fill the application mixing bag with water halfway. Twist open the pesticide concentrate bottle, and carefully pour the content into the application mixing bag.
  • Rinse the concentrate bottle with water and pour it into the application mixing bag. Fill the application bag up to the 4L mark.
  • Insert the power sprayer tube into the application mixing bag and tighten it securely.
  • Shake the bag well to mix the pesticide thoroughly.
  • Remove the battery tab at the end of the power sprayer.
  • Your Sprayer is now ready to use.


Surface Spray (Indoors): Apply directly to mattress and box spring surfaces For porus surfaces, such as mattresses and carpet areas, apply till thoroughly damp but not wet. Infested bed linens should not be treated. These shoud be removed, tightly sealed in a plastic bag, laundered and dried at high temperature prior to re-use. Using pin-stream, spray directly to mattresses paying attention to seams, folds, tuffs and edges as well as bed frames and box spring where bed bugs harbour.

Spray to

  • Bed mattresses
  • Box Spring
  • Bed frames
  • Surrounding furnitures
  • picture frames
  • carpets

Crack & Crevices treatment: Adjust the spray head to allow a jet stream. Project the jet steam into the Crack & Crevices area. Pay attention to force the spray into all cracks and crevices


Avoid spraying near to bed time. The re-entry time of the product is 2 hours after spraying.


There is a need to conduct a preventative treatment 10-14 days after your first treatment to kill emerging nymphs.


  • Remove pets, birds and cover all fish tanks, aquarium before spraying.
  • This product is highly toxic to bees. Do not apply this product or allows its drift to blooming crops while bees are actively visiting the treatment area.


"Potion 10" A.I has a different mode of action against bed bugs (IRAC 3A)

Supreme B

Supreme B A.I Mode of action against bed bugs (IRAC 4A)


CAUTION: Harmful if absorbed through skin. Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Wash hands before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet. Do not apply to humans, their clothing or bedding. Do not allow children or pets to contact treated surfaces until spray has dried (2 HOURS). Do not contaminate food or use on household pets. Cover fish tanks prior to application. Do not apply this product in patient rooms while occupied or in any rooms while occupied by the elderly or infirm. Do not apply to classrooms when in use. Avoid contamination of food, feedstuffs, or water supply. Do not contaminate food preparation surfaces, kitchen utensils, dishes, or feed storage containers. Any food/feed contact surfaces and cooking utensils in the treatment area should be covered during treatment or thoroughly cleaned before using. Do not spray where electrical short circuits might result, such as wall outlets, conduits, etc.


IF SWALLOWED: Call a doctor immediately for treatment advice. Have person sip a glass of water if able to do swallow. Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by a doctor. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

IF ON SKIN OR CLOTHING: Take off contaminated clothing. Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes. Call a doctor for treatment advice if irritation persist.

IF IN EYES: Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eyes. Call a doctor for treatment advice if irritation persist. Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor or going for treatment.

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