D.I.Y. Anti-Mosquito Strategy

This is a hypothesis inspired by the works of Nalyanya et al* involving the "Push-Pull" strategy for managing German Cockroach populations.

The strategy is a combination of "Push factor" (repelling) and "pull factor" (attracting) to modify the behaviour of target insect, in this case, the blood-seeking mosquitoes.

Use the organic mosquito chaser to repel mosquitoes safely and most effectively ~ the "Push factor".

Use the Mosquito death trap to attract blood-seeking mosquitoes with very Small Temperature gradients as attractant in the air~ the "Pull factor".

Using the organic mosquito chaser, blood seeking mosquitoes in different areas would be "push"  to a centralized location installed with a mosquito death trap . Subsequently, the "pushed"  mosquitoes would be  "pulled" towards the mosquito death trap.

The mosquito death trap killing range could be increased by 10 times. Thus less number of traps will be required per site. Anti-mosquito tasks can cover a much wider area.

We are currently testing the idea but it is still early to put up the results without a full set of statistics. However, we encourage people with serious mosquito problems to try out the hypothesis themselves and give their feedback to us generously.

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*Nalyanya G., Moore C.B. and Schal C., 2000, " Integration of repellents, attractants and insecticides in a Push-Pull strategy for managing German cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) population.", J. Med. Entol., Vol 37, pp. 427-434.

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